In Australia recently, I didn’t have the luxury of my studio space to photograph the gorgeous Eleni Hayman, so I decided on a location shoot.  Eleni managed to get a hair stylist – Danielle Richards and make-up artist – Jessica Hicks at short notice, and with my sister assisting me, we had a full crew!

I sometimes find it hard to find inspiration in familiar places.  When travelling to different places around the world I am always in awe and wonder of the interesting sights, sounds and experiences.  But when faced with photographing the sleepy country town that I had spent the first 18 years of my life – where everything is just so, I was a little daunted about how I would find interesting settings to capture some awesome images.  To my surprise, once I discussed with my sister what I wanted to achieve, and we scouted locations, I found that there were enough great locations to keep me shooting for a lot longer than my 3 week stay would allow.  (I have an amazing head-start on scheduling shoots for my next few visits!)

The day of the shoot started out early on a Sunday morning, with a tasty fresh fruit platter for breakfast whilst Eleni’s hair and make-up was done around my sister’s dining table.  First stop, the much photographed wall of the old Pullen’s Produce store in Crown Street.  The wall is great, with characteristic old bricks and a wooden door with peeling paint.  Just around the corner is the historic Post Office and Court House buildings, where we had a quick outfit change, make-up touch up and hair alteration.  I only wish that I had time to schedule more shoots.

Have you ever re-assessed a familiar place and found it more interesting than you first though?

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