Creating and capturing your memories of a particular or significant time in your life or your family’s and producing gorgeous fine artworks for you to enjoy, treasure and hand-down to future generations is what I love to do.

It is really important to me that we collaborate to create a truly fun and memorable photoshoot and that you love your fine art pieces – be they wall art, portfolio boxes or an album.

My photography business is founded on the following values, that form the core of everything I do:

Beautiful – the artistic direction of each shoot is to create gorgeous fine art images that make stunning works of art and would not be out of place in high-quality, coffee table books or premium women’s magazines

True – it’s all about keeping it real and being true – capturing the essence and personality of the people and places I photograph

Connection – between the person being photographed and the viewer

Inspired – by seeking to bring creativity to every shoot, through collaboration with the person being photographed and exploring creative opportunities throughout a shoot

Sustainable & ethical – striving to ensure that the products and services are as sustainable and ethical as possible. We use non-animal tested, vegan approved make-up; seek to use recycled and upcycled materials where possible, the least harmful photographic papers and inks available and frames that use FSC approved wood products.

FUN – by ensuring that our photography sessions are fun and engaging for everyone



About Me

Since that first photography class in high-school, a camera has been a constant companion for me. I believe that being able to capture a single moment in time, the light, a feeling, emotion or a certain ’je ne sais quoi’ is pure magic – this is something that constantly captivates me. I also love travelling and meeting new people – I like to think of myself as an explorer who loves to discover and uncover the beauty within the world and capture it in images.

Australian born, I have called London home since 2003, when I left my career in water and natural resource management in Australia to explore and travel the world. Following a soul-searching stint volunteering as a photographer for a Greek Marine Conservation group, I returned to the UK to start an environmental and portrait photography business. Photographing people and environments, capturing their essence, and assisting people to see and appreciate the inherent beauty of what I photograph is what drives me every day.

In addition to my love of photography, travelling and meeting new people I also love sewing, quilting, swing dancing and all things vintage. I am also partial to dark chocolate.

Shelley McPhee Portrait

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